When I see her smile

She makes me believe in fairytales

Through her sparkling eyes

I get lost in time


We danced as if there’s no end

Following each other’s steps

To catch up her tears

To understand her heart

To share the happiness with her


How happy is to have found

The one to share the love

The one to share the years with

To be tuned in the same sound


Honey thus don’t you worry

You’ll be my home to return Imagine the day

Where we wake up in the same sunlight

Where your arms welcome my company



12 of August.


With Care.

Lower your pride to expand your knowledge

Vacating through four months until my entry to UWCUSA in August, I had plenty of time to rest and dream of my upcoming days. I had the chance to meet my friends but also to meet myself and organize my thoughts. I took the advantage of this time and I examined and meditated about the things around me. Sometimes I was in awe of how so small things had so many things that we could learn from. Our ambitions seek the great things first but it is very important to struggle through little things to have the strength to deal with the great things.

Our daily life has a lesson to offer us but we just let it escape by our ego and discrimination. Sometimes we just deny to listen to them because our point of view is not to learn but to show how great we are. There is not an age limit for education and learning, still many people acquiesce with their ability and intelligence to pass a test and to get a job. With such a short capability, we criticize and disrespect the ones who could fill up our imperfections. I do not  acclaim to be a perfect piece but to be a piece that can be useful to the society.

We were born from different families, with different names and a different environments, same as a math formula that is composed with different numbers with different symbols to get a same answer. In front of our ideal answer we are nothing but  incomplete numbers or incomplete structure who lacks a minus or a plus.  Having this comparison in account, we cannot bring up a solution by ourselves, it needs others to contribute and coexist in order to create a conversation. When we chatter we forget that the listening from the other side is more important than speaking and cause a disorder blocking us as as different people and different cultures. Can you imagine a country where the engineers are the Germans, English police officers, French cooks, Italian women and all governed by the Swiss. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful cultural joke?

First you have to understand and place yourself in the same position as the other one. Understanding the other person is the most important step as you start to deviate your thoughts about him or her rather than your manners only.  After that you can start tolerating and hear about the hardships the other one had to go through and how that made him or her stand next to you. By just doing this you can learn and appreciate about the little and big facts that you face to grow as a polliwog realizes that the world is bigger than a simple pond. Still the knowledge is nothing fancy and difficult, it is even closer than you may think it is, so open your eyes and see your surroundings with desire to achieve it rather than obtaining it.

It is important to be always hungry to know something new, to realize something new and to practice something new. Keep the same curiosity that we had when we learnt the one, we wanted to learn the two, and when we learnt the two, we wanted to learn the three and on and on. Do not be afraid to discover new territories but remember to keep your track from the beginning of your progress without resetting the record and standing to a new knowledge, not a new person. It would be very easy to be lost in this forest called “life” without your past footsteps, your imperfections that inspired other people and how their imperfections made you to reconsider. Appreciate your surroundings with the same respect as they acknowledge you and make you exist.


18 of July.


With Care.



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Can each one of us bring a change and an impact to our society?

From the moment we are born to the moment we die, we flow through people and events. Later on, we learn to walk and to talk as we start to be independent. In a lifetime we live, there are many questions and answers to investigate. As some of our ancestors have resolved them and to help and benefit our society. Even though our ideas and actions might not be appreciated, they are existent to bring a guide through change and impact our surroundings.

Every position or environment where we get to learn, speak and work, we fill up a percentage in our community. As a democratic practice, the idea of voting and counting the idea of each person’s decision matters. We all rush through our trouble to live well and wish a happy life to our future generations so that they can procreate and coexist with each other without much of the hardships that we lived through. To dream about one day when all the nations and cultures can sintonize as a beautiful jazz song.

We might be different and might criticize each other for thinking differently, but don’t you feel afraid to live in a single minded and single-attitude world where there are no particularities and only singularities trying to match each other without any reason than living in the same tempo every day of our lives. As an instrumentalist, I understand that in a rehearsal or an act there is a sound that each one of the instruments should apport to the song. Later on those songs get to differ as different genres and allow many of us listen different melodies and different messages. We are the ones who dynamize and sustain our lands for a possible utopia that we once had as mentioned in the Bible.

Change is the only constant”, said Heraclitus of Ephesus. Then I said “There is no age for change”. Some people find change to be a terrifying aspect of society. Accepting different points of views, getting out of the traditional, even fashion can be cataloged as change and people are still afraid of it. I don’t want to generalize, but most of the people is. Change is not a direct synonym for progress, but if we analyze it in a certain point of view, it actually may be. How do you think actual global issues may be solved? It all depends of a basic step, CHANGE. Now comes an interpersonal question. How can I (Or we as human beings) produce a change?

First of all, let’s establish what we want to change. It’s relevant to know a goal, because change can be created as simple as taking a shower before breakfast, or take breakfast before a shower. Personally, the change I want to produce is the acceptance of diversity throughout the developments of the arts as a way of expression.

Art is such a powerful way to demonstrate dis-conformity without any violence. People can actually feel what the artist is fighting for throughout their work. It can be a mural, a drawing, a poem, a speech, a song, a play, a musical or a whole symphony that tells a story. A story that transmit a message. A moral. A change to produce.

There is a beautiful quote which I don’t know the author of it, but it says “If we give more guitars than swords and toy guns to our kids, there will be more artists than soldiers, more concerts than battles and more tolerance than violence.”

Have my own Broadway theater, produce a musical that may represent the values of diversity, being part of the ensemble, and with the money produced take a percentage to support charity companies it’s the goal. Seems to be a lot right? Huge impacts are not produced in a few days. They all start with an idea, a process, dedication and passion to the goal. As small it may seems, an idea can grow, as a little flower that germinates from a seed and with the time it can change to a strong and magnificent tree.

“There is no age for a change”. I am sixteen years old, and by some reason a group of experienced people thought I could have the ability to produce a change. Now I am preparing for a huge challenge. The biggest change of my life, by the moment. Never feel stopped by anything. You are capable to do whatever you propose. Maybe you will need some help, but is not impossible. I know my goal and I want to accomplish it. It will be hard and I have to be dedicated, perseverant and strong enough to deal any challenge destiny may present. Ignore the destructive comments and toxic people that want to stay without a change because  is uncomfortable for them and that seems not correct for me.

Discover your goal. Determinate your change.  I already told you mine. It is my impact, my change, my goal, and my dream. A world that can appreciates art such as a way of combat and expression, as a way of promoting peace messages and morals. As a way of being part of more concerts, than battles. Be the change.

Of course we can be the change and impact our society! As we get the chance every day of our lives. No matter what you dedicate your life to, the clue is that in every thing, as minimum as you think it is, your attitude to affront it takes you closer to that difference you are looking for.

As students, musicians, athletes, employees, members of a family… we all have tasks, and sometimes we do not feel not comfortable with our surroundings, it is a fact. As I said before there is always a chance to be different and try to change those things that are not letting us move forward. Think about the future, be as strong as a drop on the rock. Perseverance is taking you further than you will ever think. Although the people around might be the cause of the dis-conformity, you need to work with them. Are you sure they are conscious of your struggle? If support of a considerable amount of people. And so you have to start working with the ones on your hands.

On the other hand, for me it is also very important the following quote: “Any action, no matter how small, is better than the biggest intention”. Your ideas can actually be the greatest, but as not, talk and speak up!! As tough as it sounds you are actually not getting anywhere without the long as you don’t do nothing about them,  they’re just ideas. Be the role model; start by not throwing the garbage on the ground, don’t waste water, use less paper and take care of the environment. Waking up early, drink more water, exercise constantly, eat healthy talking about a healthy lifestyle. Listen to your significant others, spend quality time with your family and friends, talk instead of arguing about you human relations and emotional health. See everyday as an opportunity to improve.

You know that trendy phrase “YOLO”( you only live once)? If you think about it on a deeper way it is practically very truth. If you are an athlete and you need to fix your technique why don’t you try to improve it as before as you can? If you know something that annoys you, why do you keep wandering around it? Why does it take so much time to fix the things we think that are not right?

So, decide haha! Take time to think, but realize that the process behind any visible change has been a long path. Don’t be afraid either the change is in your hands as you see. The first step is ahead of you. Jump, and figure out your wings on the way down!

I grew up in a family that taught me that I could reach what I wanted if I am willing to take risks, to work hard and to fight for it. They also taught me about being independent and to make things happens instead of waiting for them to happen. So, now I think that is all that what makes me believe today that is possible for me and others to make a change and make an impact in the society.

The fact that I believe that we can make an impact, is not about ego, it is about  believing that what we do, say and think matter and it is exactly why I would like to let people know, that WHAT WE DO, SAY AND THINK MATTER.

I know this is hard to believe for most of young people who are told by adults that we are too young to have power or that we are too innocent and ambitious but we have to start believing in ourselves and also to work hard for what we want. So, I consider that there are two important things to make it happen: eliminate mediocrity from our lives and to understand our duty as human beings about make our own legacy.

The reason why I find it really important is because I think that we should be willing to give 110% our ourselves and to give the best we can to make the impact we want, it might not change the world but it can change many people’s lives and improve their future. It’s exactly the sum of all those small changes is what makes the big change. It’s our responsibility to make it happen, instead of complaining and pointing the bad things.

This might be the opportunity to ask yourself: What am I doing to help?


I think first we must change ourselves before, sometimes the people just wait that something wrong happen for a change to occur . There is a phrase who says “the only change that we like to do is when the baby is dirty”.

However, a lot of theory sometimes is not necessary, so I can tell you how I changed … My name is Jafet and I live in a little  town in Costa Rica, and if possible you put the name of this place in a map, it could be difficult to find it. So I decided to see this world without borders and barriers, see my life as unique and know that the only person who can stops me is myself. This could sound inspirational haha, but out of my mind there is a real world that could be rude and is waiting us to change just because we are wrong and is impossible. Sometimes this “world” could be our friends ,family, classmates and teachers… So in this point we have to decide if believe  if to them or trust in ourselves, because out of this world there are others worlds who believe in us. So I decided to believe in myself and start doing my steps.

I know sometimes it is not easy because people are going to leave you alone. Still I wanted to do something totally different ,something unique ,demonstrate at my community that if we fight for our goals,  we can achieve it. So this simple boy of the mountain earned a space to study in UWC, you know a lot of people apply for this opportunity, and this boy was the one who earned this space. At the beginning for my friends it was a joke and something impossible but now they ask me how they can apply. I feel really happy and proud of this impact that i caused, because I think that this is how i start my impact in the society, little but  now it is real. Show to the others that this world can give to us amazing experiences, to see this world with a lot of opportunities that depend on us.

To define if we are able to make a change in our society we first need to understand that change is not something we achieve by a one day’s method. Change is the weapon of the idealist, the fear of the corrupted ones and the undesirable for the conformist. Change is not always good as some may think, sometimes change is harmful for the ones that were never asked about those changes applied to them.

There is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that says “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” and I couldn’t agree more with this inspirational quote. Change can be your escape route from a horrid past, the encounter of your soulmate, the trip of your life or a “simple change of school”, but at the end whatever you decide to change is just one thing, your decision. I believe in words and actions, for me both are equally valuable as long as they are chosen with freedom.

Not everyone dream about finding the cure for cancer or winning a Nobel Prize, and not everyone is capable of do so, not because they don’t have the abilities for it, most because of the importance and perseverance they grant to a really complex task.

If you are passionate about big challenges as I am, then you must know that getting a substantial change in this world is really hard. The only way of obtain this change is through instruction and hard work. To be worthy of confidence and a trust position is equal to the responsibility and loyalty we give.

From a responsible and aware position we are all capable to bring a change to society, but it needs to be a change based on the understanding of its consequences and implications. I am afraid of power not afraid of people, because power could be a nectar or a venom depending on what are you willing to use it for. My dream is that powerful positions will not be take for granted in the future and the structures that govern my country someday may be full of aware officials.

Power is in the hands of the people, but it’s also consequential that people must be fully informed about their rights and duties to use them.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Kofi Annan


Written by


Changmin Lee

Fabian Moreno

Alejandra Altamirano

Melissa Perez

Jafet Alfaro

Fabiola Araya



6 of July 2017.


With Care.



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Living in the 21th century

Ages change where different dynasties and generations rotate. People have evolved through ages as rock carvings  brought buildings, technology and facilitated the human life. Many people forgot how to remember important telephone numbers because our smartphones do them for you. There are other cases where we change our manners and culture we have preserved through ages just because it is not trendy.

The fact that us the humans always have tried to fill our ambitions by fulfilling our endless expectations is crucial in this century that we are living. We live to please and to get credit from others for doing our work. Where we raise our ears to hear the complaints to fix and sometimes destroy ourselves to be like them. Now be like “them” and not expressing your own feelings and your own sacrifice for a lifetime we have got is pretty regretful.

These days people are so focused in following their role models through life as they do not have a purpose or example to show to the others. People are afraid that they might fail and others will end up mocking them. Some also think their life is irrelevant to the century or environment where they get to coexist. Where we forget the fact we are failing, losing and standing up again is how we learn to be successful.

In 1878 a man called Thomas Edison started working on a project called “light bulbs”. For many people the idea of this man seemed absurd and did not raise any expectations towards this man. Do you think that Thomas Edison was successful from the first sight he visioned about the dream to lighten dark rooms and enable to work even though is very late in the evening? Of course no, first he had to know why could his project could miss and had to stabilize the current flowing in the light bulb. Through attempts and challenges this man had no other news but failures. After thousands of times of failures and discouraging outcomes Thomas Edison finally have understood all the facts and mistakes that were not allowing this project to see the light. After fixing and knowing and understanding this Thomas Edison could finally contribute flashy safe light bulbs to our society. Thomas Edison makes us rethink dreams which brings us challenges and failures is not an impossible dream, but a bigger and fascinating dream.

We have to wake up eventually and realize where we come from, discover our identities, value our culture, seeing how our ancestor innovated since a beginning where there was nothing. From that point you could see your face, work, vote and yourself in a position where your presence in the society is more than remarkable. We are not born to live through misery, so let’s buckle up to find that happiness that we all deserve. Thrive through success being who you are, not having changed below standards and requirements.


24 of June 2017.


With Care.

After being nominated to UWCUSA

Surprise after surprise i finally had the moment to breath out. Since the first moment when I filled the application papers online without really understanding the technology that I was dealing with. Then getting invited to a camp where I could find the happiness of representing myself among other friendly figures whom i could discover about many answers and joy with. It got semi serious when it came to the interview time where I do not remember the most of the questions but still there are the national committee members whom examined with excellence to understand every word and every meaning that i tried to express.

Thanks to them and other United World College students from Costa Rica motivated and inspired me to take action in this amazing project to unite cultures by expressing your ideas and solutions through equity as we follow our true ethics. As one of these days walking down through San Jose street I saw some men walking pass the road when the flashlight was red. Is nothing more or less but disobeying the law. Between disobeying our laws or destroying our laws is almost in the same category obeying the fact that the laws are made to be done. Following these laws can be so ethical to start doing the right thing and keep in mind to the have the right base for the good sake of our society, not offering an empty bag to our future. A desire to live a righteous life with some order in it, not a tyranny where the powerful and high profiles decides to cross the road or not.

After past anxious awaits now I encountered busy paperwork for UWC USA check in. Traveling distances to finish tasks and filling papers seemed pretty productive and independent. Thinking, drawing, calculating and dreaming and achieving until I complete this prestigious ib education. I will follow through my original sketches and numbers where I can produce and provide what my and other near friend may need. Where my ideology and culture can move people to promote a new challenge and a value the fact that we need to live to respecting and tolerating each other not as rivals, as a soccer team full of passion to win.

I give the glory of this merit to my God and my mom whom through hardships raised me and my sister with love and wisdom. I hope someday i can satisfy my purpose and my endurance I have got for me and for my people whom i desire to help. One day where you can dream of different nationalities and different cultures cooperating and innovating the society we are living and promoting enhancement just as our ancestors such as Wright Brothers did. We have to fly away from the lies and limitations life gives to us. Wishing the peace of Mediterranean lands and the fortune of American lands I will be checking out.


22 of June 2017.


With Care.




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